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    Delitha Watts

    As an administrator in a primary care setting, I would select a videoconference platform. My preference would be to use something that can be utilized through a rental agreement with and BAA in place. I would want to offer telehealth visit as an option for any patient that is appropriate for this type of visit. Protocols would be developed and put in place to determine which patients would benefit best from telehealth. Things to take into consideration would be patient comfort with technology and desire to use telehealth, whether or not the service is clinically appropriately to be conducted through telehealth and if the service is reimbursable or not. Once the protocols are in place, I would have a multidisciplinary team of providers, nurses, clinical and administrative support staff develop workflows to address issues such as scheduling, assistance for patients who made need additional support with technology, obtaining appropriate consents based on state regulations and the documentation needed to meet billing and coding requirements. I would also work with marketing to create patient friendly handouts and communication explaining our telehealth services and what patients can expect to see during a telehealth visit. Additionally I would establish measurements to report on, such as tracking completed, cancelled and rescheduled appointments as well as collecting data on patient demographics to determine which patients are most often using telehealth can how it can be improved for those that are not. Patient satisfaction is another area of measurement with either having a few questions asked at the end of a visit or included in surveys already being sent out to patients after visits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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