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Innovation is a key component of the C-TIER mission. Through our innovation focus, we strive to collaborate with other professions to identify problems and solutions to those problems whether related to the delivery of telehealth, patient engagement, clinical education, or other aspects of healthcare and telehealth. We encourage student involvement from all disciples in our projects.


The “David Project"
An autonomous robot designed for patient engagement in the pediatric hospital setting. This child-sized robot will be operated by the child using a handheld device similar to a gaming system. The child will be able to interact through live video and audio with other isolated children in the hospital. They will be able to operate the robot to areas they are not able to visit due to isolation such as the playroom and/or cafeteria. This project has received state funding and is being developed in collaboration with the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC).
Virtual Learning Platform teaching telehealth etiquette and interpersonal skills
We are developing this training platform to incorporate video overlay and artificial intelligence. It will be designed to provide immediate feedback to the learner regarding their telehealth delivery. Examples of feedback include: lack of empathy, poor background lighting, inappropriate word choices. This work is being done in collaboration with VMASC.
Social determinants of Health (SDOH) virtual training platform
We are developing a virtual reality and video-based training platform designed to navigate a student through patient neighborhood and living environments. Patient settings are being developed to replicate various living environments that have a high degree of “Social Determinants of Health” (SDOH). This training platform will enable students to independently navigate and provide real-time feedback. This work is being done in collaboration with VMASC.
Pediatric Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
In collaboration with Resideo, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) company, and the Norfolk, Virginia based, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, we are researching the use RPM for children receiving care through the Pain and Palliative Care Division. The use of RPM is new to the pediatric population. We are working with parents, providers and Resideo to further develop and adapt these historically adult population-deployed devices to the needs of the pediatric population. We have had several masters level and doctorate level students conduct their clinical research with this project.
Mobile Applications
In collaboration with ODU’s Computer Science faculty and students and the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, we are developing two mobile applications to be used by the hospital. One application, to be used by the Trauma department, will integrate the hospital’s Trauma Book into an interactive application. It will allow providers quick access to information that was previously difficult to navigate, such as a hard copy manual or website. The other application being developed will provide a reminder/education service for families/patients scheduled for surgery. Via the app, families will receive and provide pre-operative and post-operative reminders and education.

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