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    Asif Khan

    My name is Asif Khan. I would use the mHealth model. I carry my phone wherever I go. Every phone has a microphone (you know, to work), and almost every phone has a camera. Phones can also connect to various peripherals like an ultrasound, pulse monitor for an EKG, etc. Since everyone has a phone, implementing mHealth would be really easy. Therefore, I am done.



    I would select telehealth for Medication Therapy Management. I think using a combination of Store and Forward and videoconferencing primarily as good models to use. I think if beneficial to the patient incorporating RPM and mHealth would be options to implement. As far as equipment any device acceptable for video conferencing would be good and I would rely on the patients’ others health care providers for the imaging and lab results to be sent to me. I would focus on the elderly and immunocompromised population to help do a thorough assessment of their medication’s effectiveness and safety. I would be sure to involve their complete health care team which would be patient specific and PCP or specialist. I would be sure the providers are legally covered to provide these services and that HIPAA guidelines are followed to communicate with patients. As well as being able to legally serve in the patient’s state of residence. As far as consent goes there would be standard forms of consent that would need to be filled out.


    Renita Fernandez

    Comprehensive Medication Reviews would be my choice for a type of tele-health that could really benefit many populations. Many insurances cover this program and a lot of people are not aware that it is available to them. Video conferencing would be a very beneficial tool to those who are unable to do in-person. mHealth would be a great tool for the younger population to have access to CMRs. You can have an engaging and educational interactions with your patients through these platforms and still obtain successful health outcomes. I’ll be very convenient for healthcare providers and patients and it’ll help keep communication flowing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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