Activity #2

Activity for First Half of Program

You will need to work with the providers that were assigned to your group for the Friday presentation as well as the other two teams in your Session/Cluster.

The goal is to develop consents and protocols that will be needed by the practice you were assigned to.

As a group, you will develop 2 deliverables (see table below for the assignments for your groups):

  1. a consent, consent protocol, or a patient information guide that will be needed for the telehealth program you presented on Friday
  2. a telehealth delivery protocol that will assist with the delivery of the telehealth program

Consent/Consent Protocol Instructions: Each team is assigned to develop one of the following (see table above for assigned deliverable):

Protocol Instructions: Each team will develop a protocol that will be needed by the practice. See the different protocols listed above under readings. See the table above for the assigned protocol. The three protocol should include:

Please submit the two deliverables your team develops under the Groups Assignments area. Also, send copies of the deliverables to the faculty you were assigned to.

Be sure to put your group number on the deliverables.